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    The range of colors on these fish is pretty surreal. This guy was really dark. #winstonrods #bozemanreel

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  2. My dashboard sucks today.

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    Sealed conical drag system, built to protect! | Photo from Harri Lehtonen | #lamsonfleet #keepemwet #flyfishing #catchandrelease

  4. My dad took this photo years ago of his buddies in the mountains of WVA while on a trapping trip. The guy with the sock is my godfather.

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  6. My New 0-1 Wt reel came in while I was on vacation in NC. Galvan Brookie!! Can’t wait for the rod! I think it’ll be here this week.

    Pretty Killer deal on this. 200$ for the reel from stillwater fly shop… but they included a line of my choice so I went with rio DT-0-F which cost $75 and because there was a delay with shipping they included backing and rigging which would have been another 25$ So really I bought the reel for 100$ and then put line and backing on it.

  7. surfflycaster:

    Bit of a gusty crosswind this morning…. I’d forgotten the inertia that 400grn sinking line has….

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    #albies #onthefly #flyseason #montauk

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  9. surfflycaster:

    A little mistake sometimes leads to great things:
    The fish are loving these lopsided, crunchy, Hard Head(Loon) saturated beach bugs….. And, man, do they ever last in the surf!
    (Never mind the Sally’s in the background. I was just putting some loops on some new lines with that)

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  10. adding this one to the bucket list.

  11. partridgehooks:

    Thalia (Ephemerera) tied on a Partridge CS10/3 by Paul Little

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  13. chills

  14. best movie of all time.

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  15. Ugh. Again with pictures of this fly rod. Being a person who works with materials all the time and can truly appreciate fine craftsmanship, my heart literally pounds seeing such beautiful work.