1. rodandbarrel:

    Deer Rib Cage

    I don’t know the story behind this photo but I can see that the deer who took this arrow survived evident by how the rib bone grew around the shaft of the arrow. Also, given the angle of the arrow I would also surmise that it was shot from above the animal and that the deer was facing away from the hunter. Not a great and one that obviously didn’t pierce or damage any vital organs allow the animal to live long enough to heal considerably. This should be a lesson to all to take the right shot and not rush it since I am sure this animal suffered some in the time between this wound and it’s final demise.

    the way I see it the deer was facing the hunter as the wider ribs are the front of the animal. The angle is a bit extreme though and still not a great one to take but unfortunately sometimes that happens. Still with ya on the ethical one shot one kill thing. If it’s not broad side or quartering to me with a little more side showing I won’t bother shooting.

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  2. Diamonds are beautiful even when they are small… one of the few things wild trout and diamonds have in common.

  3. Can’t wait to put my 7wt to the test on a few of these toothy guys next week!

  4. Heading to the OBX next week. Tying up a few sand fleas to hit in the surf. Gotta be a few fish that will take em. Im also stocking up on flies for spanish mackerel and snapper blue fish. CAN’T WAIT !!!!!

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    Dries are fun, but I have a soft spot for soft hackles. #flyfishing #Colorado #trout

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  6. jchambone:

    They’re grrreeaatt!

  9. theoccultowl:

    Look at that porpoise.

    Danny Frank hoists the brown trout of a lifetime from an unnamed Colorado river.

    Photo by Marshal Miller

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    And they are still hatching @scandiflyguides spring creek #flyfishing #flugfiske #fluefiske #fliegenfischen #fishing #fishline #mayfly #nature #beauty #browntrout #vakmag #visionflyfishing #visioninflyfishing #catchandrelease #heedthecall #dalarna #dalecarlia #sweden #sverige #scandinavia #scandinavianheartland #picoftheday #photooftheday #outdoors #igdaily #iphoneonly #trout #theriveriscalling #river

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  12. Somebody is tired and wants me to quit tying flies and go to bed already.

  13. alaskaguidelist:

    To quote the infamous @souldoubtak “If you must catch every fish swimming in the river, you will fish the fly of enlightenment, the Dolly Llama.” #flyfishing #thedollyllama #catchandrelease #alaska #alaskaflyfishing pic credit Ben Haga.

  14. my favorite trout stream… may be 20 feet wide at the widest. that’s why I’m gettting the 5’8” 0wt. fly rod.

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    Golden trout

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