1. fliesandfins:

    20 inch plus Pak rainbow, took a small copper john, size 20, on the swing as most fish did. Caught and photographed by Per-Anders Nilsson

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  2. More photos of the insane mayfly hatch in Wisconsin

  4. gentlemanfisherman:

    Crystal River , British Columbia.

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  5. nattiepooh:


    6 5/8 inch Megalodon tooth, 3 1/8 inch fossil Great White and 1 1/2 inch modern day Great White tooth.

    So fucking cool

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  6. gentlemanfisherman:

    Brown Trout

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  8. wow look at the stripes on that tiger trout!

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    Driftwood fish | ©David Smith


    LOVE THIS!!!!!

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    See where our mountain bikes have taken us and what we found: www.flyfishfood.com #flyfishing #flytying

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    Flyfishing .
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    New Artist Spotlight post on www.alaskaguidelist.com featuring Amy McMahon Illustrations. Follow Amy on IG @amymcmahonillustrations #flyfishing #flyfishingart #fishart #penandink #drawing #bugs #entomology #greendrake #drunellagrandis #mayfly

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  13. quillgordon:

    Some small Baetis imitations tied om TMC103BL #19.. #flytying #flyfishing #tiemco #tmchooks #whitingfarms #deercreekuvresin

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    Petite Fario

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  15. I wish my lightning photos had 51K notes… I mean they are THIS amazing but still pretty awesome

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