1. Hahahaha.

  2. jchambone:

    Loving all of this cool, rainy weather. Getting me excited about chasing these guys. #bozemanreel #winstonrods

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  4. mangledfly:

    Gotta love big smallies on topwater. #bigappetitesmallmouth #underwater #smalliesonthefly #smallmouthbass #mangledfly

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  7. clotonthelandscape:

    Huge jack in the surf

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  8. Love this. ALWAYS wanted to shoot lightning over water.

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  9. Huuuuge slob brookie. I love this time of year.

  10. Sometimes you gotta just appreciate the little things.

  11. flyfishfood:

    New fly tying tutorial on the website: www.flyfishfood.com — See what this guy and his friends were eating. #flyfishing #flytying

  12. waterworks-lamson:

    Does this mean brown trout can fly? | repost from @pmurphy62 | #lamsonfleet #browntown #flyfishing #keepemwet

  13. hkirkh:

    It’s the climb


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  14. saltyshores:

    do you know What kind of fish this is ? #saltyshores

    Porcupine fish… caught one in NC when I was young

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  15. Someday I wanna take a picture like this.

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