1. lifecyclesofmayflies:

    Me, My art, My fish =]

  2. lifecyclesofmayflies:

    A beautiful sunrise from Lake Moomaw. Chasing Lake Brown Trout that have grown in excess of 15 pounds in this lake. 

  3. lifecyclesofmayflies:

    Just got in my shipment of size 32 dry fly hooks! In the late winter and early spring on the Jackson river the trout feed almost exclusively on micro midges and these hooks are essential to success.

    That second photo is the hook next to a small sewing needle on Styrofoam.

  4. lifecyclesofmayflies:

    My beautiful new Colton Fly Rod my amazing girlfriend got me for my birthday… she’s a keeper… she understands my need to fish =]

  5. lifecyclesofmayflies:

    Some Logos I had fun designing for my imaginary fly fishing companies. Gunna use the vinyl cutter at work to make some stickers and put ‘em on my stuff tomorrow

  6. lifecyclesofmayflies:

    New Logo in Color!!

  7. theburrrprint:

    Freaky Fridays. #glassy #trippytrouters #flyfishing #rainbowtrout #dryfly

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  8. Hahahaha.

  9. jchambone:

    Loving all of this cool, rainy weather. Getting me excited about chasing these guys. #bozemanreel #winstonrods

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  11. mangledfly:

    Gotta love big smallies on topwater. #bigappetitesmallmouth #underwater #smalliesonthefly #smallmouthbass #mangledfly

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  14. clotonthelandscape:

    Huge jack in the surf

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  15. Love this. ALWAYS wanted to shoot lightning over water.

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